Saturday, March 21, 2009

Liveops Training

I have recently had a few questions from people about what the Liveops training is like, so I decided to give a little more information. Basically, it is very informative. There are separate sections of the training which are shown as slides. After you have studied the material, you are then quizzed on the topic. When you pass the quiz, you will then go on to another area. Though it was very long in my opinion, I'm not complaining as it is free, and after I have completed it I was fully prepared to start working at Liveops. I would definitely not let this hold you back from applying. Just give it a try. Good Luck!

List of Call Centers

Hi Everbody!
Today I decided to just put out a list of all the call centers I know of, and I will then try to go more into depth with them later on.
I have order the list from the ones which I am most experienced with to the ones that I have only heard of. Enjoy!

1. Liveops- By far my favorite call center opportunity. Definitely recommend giving them a try. Best pay overall, and as far as I know free training is included.
More info:

2. ACD Direct- Second favorite company. Definitely recommend. Their atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than Liveops, and everyone seems to be a little more friendly.
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3. West At Home - I gave this company a try, but didn't enjoy, and their job interface was not helpful. Still, I found this company to be legitimate, but would not recommend as I did not find the pay to be as good as other companies, though I do believe that the pay is hourly.
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4. Arise- Have heard the name mentioned, but do not know much abou this company. According to some people, you might have to pay for your training, which doesn't sound that good.
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I hope that this has helped for now, and would love if anyone had any more information to post it in the comments below. Thanks!

Work at Home With ACD Direct

Recently, I made a post about working at home with a call center company called Liveops. Another leading company in this field is definitely ACD Direct. I have worked with this company in the past, and I have to say that in some areas they are even better to be with than Liveops. When I began working with them, I was treated as if I was part of a family. Everyone who I talked with was extremely helpful and friendly. Unlike Liveops, there did not seem to be a rigid atmosphere to work in, and I have to admit that it was a lot less stressful. While I was working with ACD Direct, it seemed to me that they specialized in taking calls for charities and non-profit organizations, such as during fundraising events. The only reason that I made the decision to leave was that I just didn't get a ton of calls, and the calls seemed to be seasonal. Lately, I have been told though that this has changed and that the call volume is a lot higher. Either way, I would definitely recommend giving ACD a try, as I found them to be a great experience to work with. For more information, and to apply, just check out the link below. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Work at Home With Liveops!

After I started researching work at home jobs, I came across a company called Liveops. I decided to apply to be an independent contractor for them, and I haven't looked back since. In my opinion, Liveops is by far the best and most reliable work at home opportunity currently out there.

The work that you do as an independent contractor for Liveops is to take calls for infomercials. For example, say someone sees an infomercial on television for a product, with a number to call to order. They dial the phone number, and the call goes to Liveops. Liveops then forwards the phone call to your home phone. You will then see a window pop-up on your computer with a script to read, and your phone should begin ringing. All you have to do then is to pick up your phone and read to the caller whatever script you see on your computer. You then input the caller's information on your computer, and process the order. (It is actually easier than it sounds.) And that's it!

I really enjoy working for Liveops because it is extremely flexible, (you only have to sign up for around 30 minute blocks of work time,) and their pay is pretty competitive for a work at home company. Additionally, unlike other work at home call centers, they provide the work training to you for free.

Take note though: This can be a demanding job for some people, and I myself sometimes feel tired after taking a lot of calls. This is mainly because it does involve a LOT of talking. Additionally, there are the rare times that I will get a prankster on the line. (Thankfully, I have only had two of these calls so far.) And also, Liveops has a process known as "Upsells." Basically, a customer could be calling in for a lawn care product, and you could be trying to sell them additional things such as memberships or warranties. Though you do sometimes get paid more for this, it can be extremely frustrating to both you and a customer when you have to go through a ton of these upsells. I have had a few customers who have even hung up because they just didn't have time for all of the upsells. Still, other than these downsides, the job is pretty good.

If you would like more information on applying to Liveops, just click on the link below. (Note: Liveops does charge a fee for a background check, as you will be handling customer information.)
Good Luck!

So You Want to Work at Home?

Do you like the idea of working at home? Think about it. No commuting, no gas expenses, and if you want, you don't even have to get dressed. I myself often work in my pajamas! Now, what if I told you that this dream could be a reality. (Here's the part where most scammers say something like "Now, for only $40, you can find out more on how to get rich working at home.") Don't worry, I'm not planning on taking any of your hard earned money. I just happen to be someone who is happily working at home, and thought that it would be helpful to share my knowledge with anyone else who would like to work at home. First off, let me tell you the reality of this type of job. Yes, you do get to stay at home, but this is both good and bad. Unlike when I was working at an office, where my boss was always making sure I was doing my work, I have to stay on my own case at home. Otherwise, procrastination starts and I don't make any money. Secondly, you will not get rich working at home. (Sorry to burst your bubble.) While I do not make a ton of money working at home, I find that I am able to pay all of my bills, and still have a little bit of cash left over. Finally, most work at home companies pay you by the number of minutes working, not a set pay per hour. This means that some hours you could make $10-15, while others you could make hardly anything. I will explain more in depth in future posts, but basically the more you work, the better your pay usually is when working at home. So, if you are interested on how you can start working at home, just click the subscribe button in the sidebar of my page. This blog has just started, but I plan on making tons of helpful posts so that almost anyone can start working at home. By subscribing you will receive my posts as soon as I publish them. I hope to see you soon. Enjoy!